These are just some of the great benefits of massage.

Massage is great for stretching muscles, promoting suppleness in joints and improving skin condition. It can also reduce the build-up of uncomfortable 'knots' in muscles. It leads to a sense of well-being and relaxation with a positive impact on stress levels, boosting the immune system and stimulating healing enzymes.
Massage can increase the blood flow in the body, bringing in oxygen and nutrients to cells and speeding up the removal and processing of waste matter. It can reduce swelling in tissues and reduce blood pressure too.
Massage can improve the colour and texture of skin by increasing delivery of oxygen and nutrients and removing dead surface cells. The sebaceous glands are stimulated, which leads to healthier-looking and lubricated skin, with the sebum from the glands acting as a natural antibacterial agent helping to fight infection.
Massage can contribute to good muscle tone and regular massage can prevent the formation of fibrosis in muscle tissue and reduce muscle spasms. Massage relieves and relaxes tired and tense muscles by removing lactic acid and CO2 and histamines, which create stiffness.
Massage can help firm contours, reduce stubborn fat deposits and reduce cellulite by lymphatic drainage and general circulation improvement.
Massage can help to slow breathing down and work to the thoracic region can often help respiratory issues. It can also help the action of peristalsis (the contraction of the muscles lining your gastrointestinal tract, assisting the movement of food through the digestive system).
Massage can relax, calm, soothe and de-stress, reducing nervous tension and anxiety. It allows the brain to 'let go' and have 'me time' with time and space to forget worries and lift spirits. Massage feels pleasurable and makes the client feel pampered and cared for, which leads to a sense of being nurtured and valued.

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